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Other Items, Including Audio Equipment, Replacement Cartridges & Needles, 45 RPM Adaptors, Replacement Center Post Spindles, Reel To Reel Tapes And Various Other Things.

We also have available various other items, including audio equipment (turntables, receivers, tape recorder/players, tuners, etc., etc.), replacement cartridges & needles, 45 rpm adaptors, replacement center post spindles, reel to reel recording tapes and other items I will be adding in the near future. Just click on the link above which may be of interest to you.
If you see anything you might want just email me for availability and total cost.

To email me for availability of item, or any questions, send to Chuck@jukn55.com.

Payment Options:
Payment can be made by check (must clear bank before shipping), M.O., cash,
or credit card through PayPal..... 

Please Note: If paying through PayPal please include the shipping and insurance (if desired) in your total payment. PayPal does not automatically add this.....